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Parts of IBC Tanks


Drums: The core element of an IBC, commonly known as a barrel, is the drum responsible for containing the contents. Typically, a sturdy steel grid is placed atop the robust plastic drum to provide additional support. However, drums can also be constructed from materials like carbon steel or stainless steel.

Pallets: Found at the base, pallets serve to facilitate the movement and stacking of IBCs. These pallets come in various materials such as plastic, wood, or metal. Additionally, they elevate the IBC tank off the ground, allowing for airflow underneath and enabling machinery to easily lift the tank when it's full and needs to be relocated.

Valves: An indispensable component of IBC tanks, valves allow users to extract liquids and similar materials from the interior without causing spillage. Typically, IBC valves feature an opening on the front where a hose can be securely connected to safely transfer the contents to another container. These valves come in various designs, some equipped with locking handles to regulate liquid flow, while others feature screw-on caps.

Metal Cages: IBCs made from plastic are often enclosed within a protective steel cage. These metal cages serve to maintain the balance of an IBC tote when loading contents. Additionally, they provide external protection against potential piercing or damage.

Clamps: Clamps are utilized to exert pressure, preventing liquids from seeping out of the IBC valves and, on occasion, the drum itself. These devices typically feature a locking mechanism on the front to keep them securely in place.

Gauges: Gauges are tools that enable employees to measure the volume of the IBC's contents. The characteristics of this product vary depending on the thoroughness of the inspection required for the IBC tank's interior and its size. Gauges typically include a dial on top that displays the recorded measurements and are crafted from materials like carbon steel or aluminum.

IBC Tank
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