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How to distinguish the quality of IBC ton barrels


IBC ton barrels are increasingly widely used in the storage and transportation of petroleum, chemical, food, and pharmaceutical liquids due to their excellent performance advantages. The demand for IBC ton barrels in the market is large, but the quality varies. As a user, how to choose high-quality IBC ton barrels?

First point: Check whether the materials used are new or old

The quality of IBC ton barrels is closely related to the materials. High quality IBC ton barrels are generally made of brand new high-density polyethylene material, with high strength, wear resistance, and long-term storage of liquid materials without problems such as leakage and deformation. Some ton barrels with significantly lower prices may be made of recycled polyethylene material, which may not have the same performance and service life as brand new ton barrels. There may be hidden dangers such as cracks, damage, and leakage during use, and attention should be paid.

Point 2: Check if the production process is standard

The production process is an important indicator for measuring the quality of IBC ton barrels. In general, ton barrel manufacturers with larger scales and higher levels of automation will have more standardized production processes and strict quality management standards. The production and assembly process of IBC ton barrels will pay more attention to quality details to ensure that the quality of IBC ton barrels meets the standards. On the contrary, some small enterprises may have issues such as non-standard production standards and lax production processes, and the stability and safety of IBC ton barrels cannot be guaranteed.

Third point: Check if the finished product has passed the test and inspection

The quality of IBC ton barrels can also be determined through experimental results. Taking our Xinxiang Dongfang Barrel Industry as an example, after the IBC ton barrel processing is completed, it will undergo multiple tests such as damage test, vibration test, drop test, airtightness test, hydraulic test, stacking test, etc. The product will also be inspected by a third-party quality inspection agency, and the certificate of conformity will be issued along with the ton barrel, making the quality of the ton barrel more "intuitive".

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